Saturday, January 1, 2011

Veggie Mama + Big Daddy Bacon

Let me introduce you to my family.

I am Veggie Mama, a mostly-vegetarian, though I still eat dairy and eggs. My husband, Big Daddy Bacon is NOT mostly vegetarian. He is not even partly vegetarian. The man would eat bacon at every meal if he could. Yes, he knows it is not good for his arteries, and yes, I give him daily reminders of that. But, despite our difference in food preference, VM plus BDB= love. We have been married for 12 and a half years...about 12 years before I gave up meat for health reasons. We have two amazing daughters, K-Picky (Kaley) who is "closer to 5 than 4" (her words), and Wacky Snacky (Addie), who will be three next week.

K-Picky is our completely precious but picky eater, as you have probably surmised. Texture is a big deal to her, so if the food is mushy, or partially mushy, she would prefer not to eat it. (I use the word prefer because Veggie Mama feels strongly AGAINST preparing different meals for different members of the family- which is precisely where my dilemma began a few months ago. More about that in a minute.) She detests onions, corn, squash, raisins and bananas. Nevertheless, she tries new things with great reluctance, and mostly sticks to what she knows she likes, unless forced...

Wacky Snacky (our almost three year old) is our other completely precious daughter. She is also completely nutso. (I have noooooo idea where she gets it ;) Both of our girls have crazy vivid imaginations, but this one tells some whoppers, and I honestly think that she sometimes believes them. She shuns shoes, hairbows, and sometimes even clothes (though I am totally nipping that in the bud!) She marches to the beat of her own drum, and gives me a run for my money on a daily basis. Many people in my family say that is JUST like I was at her age. (I have NOOOO idea why they would say that ;). So, now you know where the Wacky comes from. But, she would also eat all day if we would let her. She is completely willing to try new things, and loves Greek yogurt, lettuce with fancy dressings, blue cheese and celery. Not at all like K Picky...

So, that's my wonderful little family of four. We are weird and fun, and just perfectly awesome if I do say so myself. But, we all have completely different eating styles. Hence, my challenge. I strive to feed my family good quality food, expose them to new flavors and textures, and do it all on a budget. It's not easy, but I like a challenge. I figure things out as I go, which my husband refers to as flying by the seat of my pants. But, it makes life so much more fun. And, in all honesty, I am sure that is one of the things he loves about me. (Don't make me mention your lists, charts, and goal sheets, Big Daddy...which I totally appreciate about you. One of us has to get us through life :)

Here, Big Daddy Bacon and I will catalog our family's healthy eating journey. I will try to convert him to vegetarianism (a HUGE feat, I am well aware), and we will both have fun in the kitchen with our family. We intend to try new recipes, flavors, and probably compromise a bit along the way in order to please everyone in our little family. So, here goes....

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  1. Great new blog!! Love the name and looking forward to keeping up with your veggie adventures. :)